The mission of Transitions Counseling Service LLC is to provide professional counseling services and educational programs across the life span that will assist individuals, couples, families and groups with developing strategies to manage the various “transitions” they’ll experience in life (e.g., transition from high school to college; transition from college to the world of work; relational transitions; and retirement from sports, etc.).  

​The professional counseling services and life skills programs are based on the philosophical assumption that skills gained from one arena of success can be transferred to other arenas for success.  I am committed to the psychosocial development of the whole person:  Personal, social, emotional, intellectual/academic, career, spiritual, and physical, including health and wellness.

Sports counseling is a process that assists individuals in maximizing their personal, academic, and athletic potential. Sports counseling is accomplished through a proactive, growth-oriented, approach that incorporates the principles of counseling, career development, movement science, psychology, and lifespan human development. 

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Multicultural Counseling

Sports counseling

spiritual counseling

Culturally skilled counselors possess specific knowledge and information about the particular group that they are working with. They are aware of the life experiences, cultural heritage, and historical background of their culturally different clients. 

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Each swirl of my logo represents my specialty areas of practice, research and training:

ASERVIC is an organization of

counselors and human development professionals who believe spiritual, ethical,
and religious values are essential to the overall development of the person and
are committed to integrating these values into the counseling process.

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